We don't offer ready-made event management packages but act as consultants for your specific needs with a 100% personalized and tailor made planning and event management offers and dedicated implementation. We use our long-term experience as a corpus of best-practices and not as a pretext for 'more of the same'. With a creative and details-oriented attitude we offer services that cover the full life-cycle of the event from conception to follow-up. With both vision and down to earth rationalization of resources at hand we strive for success.

Dedicated Professional Events Solutions

We strategize based on specific and measurable professional needs, goals and priorities. From L&D events to specialists or products conventions, we seek to maximize the efficiency of professional encounters. Elaborated, structural and task oriented, we create an 'easy to work with' event management environment that fosters professional excellence. Exquisite professional events in fantastic Tuscan locations become motivational and inspirational professional opportunities.

  • Specialized field or product meetings, conventions, forums or product launches
  • L&D professional events: training sessions, team building events, motivational meetings
  • Exhibitions, trade-shows, product presentations


  • Educational and informational meetings, seminars and travel
  • Cultural immersion professional events
  • Associations and non-profit professional events management
  • Professional ceremonies: awards, banquets, galas and anniversaries,

High Standard Conferences that Exceed Expectations

Our staff members have a track record of organizing more than 150 international conferences, workshops, forums and symposia. And we aim for success and irreplaceable atmosphere. We take meticulous care in selecting venues and suppliers and deal with the complete process from conception, branding, key speakers' identification, participants registration and travel arrangements, to technical arrangements, publications, follow-up and event marketing.

  • Full congress and conference services from conception to follow-up - from small to large group events
  • Symposia, workshops, seminars, conventions, work-groups meetings
  • Thematic reunions, technical staff meetings and in-residence conferences
  • In-residence summer-schools/winter - schools and training sessions
  • Adult and Life-Long Learning Meetings
  • Temporary courses and study sessions
  • Collaborative groups and research consortia meetings

First Class Corporate Events

With full attention to their value driven and market oriented nature, we treat corporate events with the upmost details oriented vision and care. A cost efficient and impact maximizing strategy drives us to transform corporate events in added value market opportunities. We envisage corporate events as internal or external client oriented message promoters and opportunities to create and foster meaningful business relations. More than events, we create memorable corporate encounters!

  • Full corporate event planning & management in accordance with corporate goals and strategies
  • Tradeshow and corporate conferences
  • B2B meetings, board meetings, press conferences, product presentations
  • Corporate L&D trainings, team building and motivational meetings
  • Employee and clients fidelity events
  • Inspirational keynote identification
  • Client Account & Relationship Management
  • Procurement-led Supplier Selection
  • Corporate dinners, parties, banquets, galas and awards events

Commitment for the Spectacular

We engage in most creative brainstorming for fascinating niche small and medium scale entertainment events in the most inspired locations. From intimate corporate ceremonies, motivational events and spectacles to carnivals and concerts, we aim to immerse participants in a spectacular amazement. With the goal of creating joy and well-being, we strive to pursue the most meticulous choices for installing irreplaceable memories.

  • Branded & thematic events
  • Corporate & group parties, concerts, comedy shows, DJ shows, light shows
  • Banquets, galas, carnivals, thematic evenings, soirees, charity events
  • Special celebratory events: Christmas party, corporate events, New Year's party
  • Outdoor experiences: biking, race car driving, climbing, paddling, diving, sailing
  • Thematic & motivational fun trips
  • Corporate city discovery games and cultural immersion events
  • VIP high standard events, luxury destinations and castle parties

A Perfect Memory

We know too well that personal moments and events involve a strong emotional dimension. That's why we seek to fulfill dreams by dealing with all event pragmatics ourselves. In personal events, details are everything. And we have a details oriented creative mindset in search for the finest touch that marks moments as irreplaceable. In personal events we magnify all possible worlds in making the dreams reachable and the encounters an experience of warmth and closeness.

  • Dream weddings in the enchanted Tuscany with all required details
  • Private parties in spectacular locations and venues, with personalized themes
  • Family ceremonies & celebrations
  • Special memory packages: luxury days experiences to remeber, days on yachts, a trip in baloon or private plane
  • Celebratory travel events planning: honeymoon, anniversary or family celebration travel packages in Tuscany
  • Cultural immersion events in Tuscany
  • Art events and personal exhibitions
  • Food & Wine tasting events in Tuscany
  • A private party for children with personalized themes & entertainment

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