We think big for every opportunity and commit full energy to every singular project for events that aim excellence!


We are a small and dedicated team based in Tuscany, with an energetic ‘can do’ mentality and a ‘we’ll do it!’ attitude. We act on a mobile and flexible project management basis for every single and singular event, and we commit full energies and inspiration for the only goal of creating irreplaceable privileged experiences.


Your success is our goal!





We have a longstanding successful experience in organizing events from simple personal or business reunions to complex industry, corporate and academic events. We are located in Tuscany but we organized events in different parts of Europe. No two events are the same, so we take every single event from zero and use our experience to rationalize its parameters in best possible alternative scenarios without the bias of routine. That's why our track record led us to a creative experience.



We don't have a bureaucratic approach of ready-made events in the office, but take our challenges seriously. We act on a mobility driven mentality that allows you to choose the best destination for your event everywhere in Tuscany and many locations in Europe. We pack our luggage and take care of the rest!



We are capable of offering services in multiple languages with full professional proficiency in English, Italian and French and experienced in working in multinational and multilingual environments. This involves a keen cultural awareness and attention in organizing our events.


Trained, Educated and Passionate

We are a team of highly educated professionals with international exposure and strong cultural backgrounds and passion for knowledge. We are able to fully understand, analyze and valorize the cultural dimensions involved in the shaping of every event, valorize traditions and foster cultural awareness, joy of preserving traditions and the importance of sharing.

We flexibly shape the best possible team for each tailor-made event for an efficient allocation of resources




We are a small but flexible team ready to adjust from small intimate events to large, complex industry events. We act on an optimal efficiency mentality that considers the best allocation of costs and resources for each event in accordance with the rationally needed personnel experience and abilities. That's why we don't overcrowd the teams working on events, but allocate strictly the feasible people for maximizing the success of every stage and detail involved. For large scale events, however, we have the market knowledge and networking abilities for the best contracting and partial services externalization.

Via Bigongiari, Lucca, 55100 Tuscany, Italy

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